Historic Johnson Square – Savannah, Georgia

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Historic Johnson Square – Savannah, Georgia

Visiting beautiful Savannah is one of the pleasures that you truly won’t want to miss.  The history of the city, the stories you can hear, the music, the flowers, the people and the ocean.  It truly is someplace where history comes alive.

While there be sure to stop and explore Johnson Square.  It was the first of the original squares in the city and is still the largest.  The square was laid out in 1733 as the centerpiece of the Derby Ward.  The first 40 houses in Savannah were built in the Derby Ward.

Think back to what you have learned about the history of our nation and the citizens that lived during that time.  They didn’t have the stores that are everywhere as we have now.  They would gather in places like Derby Ward to get water, see the time of day, which could be read on the sundial which was constructed there, they would post public notices, talk to their friends and neighbors and to bake their bread for the week.  Just think about having to go to the square to bake your bread!  There weren’t enough bricks available for everyone to have their own oven so the city provided the ovens and the community used them as needed.  You won’t be able to see the old ovens, they have long disappeared, but in their place are two fountains. 

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Museum of Aviation – Warner Robins, Georgia

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Aviation Museum of – Warner Robins, Georgia

This is one of the largest aviation museums in the Southeast holding more than 100 aircraft and missiles, flight simulators and open cockpits. You will be able to see many of the units in one of the four climate-controlled buildings and hangers.

There are aviation events and groups from World War II to current units at Robins Air Force Base that are held at the center. Large exhibits include 14th Air Force Flying Tigers, China-India-Burma “Hump Pilots,”, the 483rd B-17 Bomb Group, Brig. Gen. Robert L. Scott “God Is My Co-Pilot,” The Tuskegee Airmen, the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment and the Air Invasion of Normandy and the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame.

Aircraft include fighters, bombers, cargo aircraft, helicopters and reconnaissance planes like the P-40, P-51, P-80, B-25, B-29, B-52, B-1B, C-46, C-47, AC-130, F-100, F-104, F-4D MiG Killer, F-105, U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird. Free admission. A new 6-axis motion simulator called the “Transporter” provides 12 different virtual reality rides for $5 or $4 for students attending one of the Museum’s many education programs. Open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm except Easter, Christmas, Christmas Eve after 1:00pm, Thanksgiving, News Years Day and New Years Eve after 1:00 pm.

Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Admission: FREE
Parking: FREE

Southern Strolls Walking Tours – Savannah, Georgia

Georgia Coast, Historic Heartland

Historic Savannah, Georgia is simply a place of breathtaking beauty and is a perennial favorite choice for movie producers for this very reason. Savannah’s historic district, with its majestic tree-canopied squares, is ideal for enjoying an interpretive walking tour at an easy pace with a knowledgeable tour guide.

Southern Strolls proudly offers Savannah’s best walking tours daily, year-round. Offering Ghost, History, Civil War and Church Tours. Our tours offer utter historical accuracy and are conducted by the most outstanding tour guides Savannah has to offer.

You will need reservations to take the tour so be sure to call or email them.  You might be able to make a reservation within a day but it’s better if you plan ahead a little to make sure you get the tour.  Just call 877-703-9225.  You can also make your reservations through Travelocity, Expedia, Etix, or at Savannah Tours.  Here you make your reservations and pay for the tour upon arrival for the tour.

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Birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low – Savannah, Georgia

Georgia Coast

Birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low – Savannah, Georgia

Every Girl Scout knows that the founder of the Girl Scouts was Juliette Gordon Low.  The organization was founded in 1912.
Her nickname was Daisy to those that knew her well and to her family.  She was the second of six children.  Her parents were part of the families that settled in New Jersey (father) and moved to Savannah following the Revolutionary War, her mother’s family played an important role in the founding of Chicago, Illinois.

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Fishing Georgia Florida Charter Trips

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If you want to do something really fun on your Georgia vacation you might want to check out the fishing opportunities throughout the state.  Whether you want to fish freshwater lakes or do some deep sea fishing you will be able to find the type of activity you want to do.

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Hay House – Macon, Georgia

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Historic Heartland

Hay House – Macon, Georgia

One of the most interesting houses to see when you are visiting Macon is the Johnston-Felton-Hay House.  Built from 1855 to 1859 this Italian Renaissance Revival home was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1974. 

There are four levels and a three-story cupola making this 18,000 square foot house a true treasure from this time period.  Not only was the workmanship outstanding but the technological amenities were unsurpassed in the mid-19th century.  It had hot and cold running water, central heat, a speaker-tube system, in house kitchen and an elaborate ventilation system.  Anyone that has been in a home from this time period realizes that all of these were just not available in the homes of the day.  Ventilation was usually done with windows that opened, the kitchens were usually in a separate building and running hot and cold water were just a dream for most.  The cupola serves as part of the ventilation system, acting as a chimney which helps to draw the hot air up and out of the house.

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Callaway Gardens – Pine Mountian, Georgia

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Presidential Pathways

Discover Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia

Part nature preserve, part vacation resort, Callaway Gardens is a spectacular 35,000-square-foot complex nestled on 13,000 acres of beautiful Georgia countryside in the Appalachian Mountains. Home of the world’s largest azalea display, one of North America’s biggest butterfly conservatories, and a magnificent vegetable garden where PBS’ “The Victory Garden” is filmed, this Georgia retreat also offers a full range of fun activities and exceptional amenities, making Callaway the perfect destination for family vacations or romantic getaways. Plus, our comprehensive conference center provides facilities for trade shows and corporate events – all in an exquisite Georgia garden setting.

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Six Flags Seasonal Passes – Atlanta, Georgia

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Check out Six Flags Theme Parks in Atlanta.

Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags White Water, Both in Atlanta Georgia.

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Atlanta Braves – Atlanta, Georgia

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Braves.jpgAtlanta Braves – Atlanta, Georgia

Make your plans to visit Atlanta when you will be able to see the Atlanta Braves at a home game and make your trip truly special.  The Braves arrived in Atlanta in 1966. They are the oldest continuously operating professional sports franchise in America.  They are one of today’s 30 Major League franchises who fielded a team every season professional baseball has been in existence.

The Braves started life as the Boston Red Stockings in 1870.  On January 20, 1871 the Boston Red Stockings came into existence as one of the nine charter members of the National League.  They won six of the first eight pennants!  After various name changes, the team settled on the "Braves". In 1953, the team moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and became the Milwaukee Braves, followed by the move to Atlanta in 1966. The team’s tenure in Atlanta is famous for Hank Aaron’s breaking Babe Ruth’s career home run record in 1974. His record stood until 2007.

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Andersonville National Historic Site – Andersonville, Georgia

Presidential Pathways

Andersonville National Historic site.jpgAndersonville National Historic Site – Andersonville, Georgia

This is a 515 acre park developed in honor of all those from the Civil War that were imprisoned here.  The difficult life for the prisoners and those that were guarding them is commemorated at this park.  Located in Sumter County the camp was chosen as the location for the prison because the community was small and therefore were unable to resist the building of such an unpopular facility.  Prisoners began arriving at the prison in February of 1864.

SouthGate Andersonville Prison.jpgThe prison was designed for a population of 10,000 but as early as June of 1864 there were 20,000 prisoners locked up at the camp.  The camp was expanded and by August there were over 33,000 Union prisoners held on the 26.5 acres that the camp had acquired by this time.

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